rspec-rails 1.2.0 Released

rspec-rails version 1.2.0 has been released!

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Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby on Rails.


### Version 1.2.0

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Due to changes in Rails-2.3, there are some changes
in rspec-rails-1.2.0 that might break some specs in your existing apps. Be
sure to see and for information about

IMPORTANT: This release includes the following
backwards-compatibility-breaking changes.

* rspec-rails supports rails 2.0.5, 2.1.2 and 2.2.2, and 2.3.1

  * We are no longer supporting 1.x versions of rails.

* expect_render and stub_render have been removed.

  * Both of these methods were deprecated in rspec-rails-1.1.5,
released in Sept, 2008.

* { route_for(args).should == "/path" } now delegates to
assert_generates (in rails)

  * see Upgrade.markdown for more information

* deprecations

  * controller.use_rails_error_handling! is deprecated
    * use rescue_action_in_public! (from rails) instead

* enhancements

  * Adding status codes to redirect_to matcher (Damian Janowski). Closes #570.
  * Initialize current URL before executing any examples in a
ViewExampleGroup (Wilson Bilkovich). Closes #654.
  * Support query strings in params_from (Wilson Bilkovich). Closes #652.
  * delegate route_for to assert_recognizes (less brittle)
  * it { should be_valid } (Kakutani). Closes #665.
  * controller is implicit subject in controller specs (Joe Ferris). #686.
  * template is implicit subject in view specs (Joe Ferris). #686.
  * redirect_to and render_template matchers can accept controller or
response (Joe Ferris). Closes #686.
  * generated specs use declarative docstrings
  * rspec_scaffold generator generates layout and stylesheet (per Rails-2.3)
  * add bypass_rescue for controller specs
  * infer template path from the first arg passed to describe in view specs
  * separate routing specs (in spec/routing)

* bug fixes

  * you no longer *have* to load ActionMailer to get specs to run. Closes #650.
  * query_params are now parsed by Rack::Utils.parse_query in
redirect_to matcher. Closes #684.
  * cleaned up spec_server (there was a bunch of pre-rails 2.0
material). Closes #685.
  * rspec's rake tasks are not loaded when running "rake gems" or any
of its subtasks
  * only warn when rspec is not installed when trying to invoke an
rspec rake task
  * support 2 arg version of ActionController::Base#render (reported
by Nathan Wilmes)
  * rake spec:server:start doesn't choke if there is no tmp directory
  * force cache_classes = false when running with spec_server. Closes #287.
  * keep spec_server working against edge rails (Jonathan Tron). Closes #685.
  * create lib/tasks if not present when running script/generate
rspec. Closes #687.
  * fixed regression (and added spec so it won't regress again) where
    render => :inline didn't render unless integrate_views was set
  * fixed nil.with_output_buffer bug in helper specs. Closes #719.