rspec-rails 1.2.7 Released

rspec-rails-1.2.7 has been released!

Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby on Rails.


### Version 1.2.7 / 2009-06-22

* enhancements
  * alias :stub!, :stub so rspec-rails extensions of rspec stubs can use the
    same syntax as rspec (core)
  * integration specs (Ben Mabey and David Chelimsky)
  * added support for references and belongs_to generated model specs (José
    Valim). Closes #792.
  * add discovery for autotest-rails to keep compatible with ZenTest-4.0.0
    (Ryan Davis). Closes #838.
  * controller specs in isolation mode don't care whether the file exists

* bug fixes
  * allow rspec-rails to work without ActiveRecord. Closes #810.
  * fix bug with have() matcher failure message (Dave Giunta). Closes #818.
  * fix bug where render_template('new') would pass if 'newer' was rendered
    (or anything that started with 'new')

* deprecations
  * spec_server is now deprecated - use spork instead (gem install spork).
    Closes #827.

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I just pushed to fix a bug in "script/generate rspec". Please
use this instead of the 1.2.7 gem.