Routing and AJAX problem.


I am having a problem in using AJAX in Rails(I am trying for the first
time), and I am pretty sure it is because of routing. This is my code

As far I knew the URL's were supposed to be like "/controller/action/
id" but when I do "/controller/action" it throws an error "Could not
find model with ID=action" and that is why my AJAX calls aren't
working. I do not wish to use form_for_remote or link_to_remote as I
need to make these calls from JS.

Could someone please help me out.


you should read up on REST. maybe start here:

When you're using RESTful routes (map.resources) you should not
request /projects/create.json but /projects.json. I would simply
change your code into this: Two changes have
been made: I've changed "/projects/create.json?
authenticity_token=0000&project[title]=lala" into "/projects.json?
project[title]=lala" and added a line saying
"protect_from_forgery :except => :create" in the ProjectsController.

Thanks a lot. Working now.
@MaD - Thanks for the link