RESTful nested routes routing error


I am using RESTful nested routes for a project. When I try to make an
Ajax call using a named route like in the following example:

<%= link_to_remote('edit', :url => edit_answer_url(@quiz, question,
answer)) %>

The URL gets constructed OK, but when I click on the link I get the
following error back:

Routing error:
No route found to match '/quizzes/1/questions/1/answers/26;edit' with

I can't figure out why that is and how to fix it. The only hunch I have
is that the POST is the problem. Isn't the above URL supposed to map to
a GET?

Thanks for any help!!

Yes, but you're posting to it. Either use a normal link, or tell
link_to_remote to use GET.

Remember that with RESTful Routes, the _method matters.