RoR book free copy!

Hey can anybody upload a free PDF file of Agile Web Development with Rails


Only Dave Thomas. Other than that, go to and get one that's legit.


Rob Biedenharn

UMBC's library doesn't have one? Request that they buy it. You're paying tuition and that's what libraries are for.

Or request via Inter-Library Loan.

Stealing is bad mkay?

You can't seriously be asking this here.


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The world's a strange place, Julian.

And apparently full of people who wouldn't know morality if it bit them in the ass. :wink:

Ah well.

Maybe Dave Thomas will actually post one here.


maybe not.



I'm shocked... there wasn't a single "dude" in the original post...

There you go:

(you need a bittorrent client to download it).