Please send me

RAMU wrote:

   I am new to Rails and I pretty much want to learn ROR I found Agile
Web Development with Rails, 3rd Edition is the good book to start it.
But I dont this book. Please send me the free download link for this
ebook or if you have this file please attach to this email. URGENT
please respond.

There is no free PDF download of Agile Web Development with Rails, so far as I know. At least, not one that's legal. It's a copyrighted work that several people put a lot of time, energy, and money into writing and publishing, and it's well worth the cost of admission. Furthermore, the third edition isn't even out yet, and won't be out until October. You can get a paper copy of the second edition as well as a PDF copy of the in-progress third edition from:

Or you could just get the beta PDF of the third edition, and when it finally comes out you'll get a final electronic copy.

Hope that helps,