Roadmap for Learning Ruby and Ruby on Rails as a Newbie

Hello everyone,

I’m new to programming and eager to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Could someone kindly provide a roadmap for beginners? I’m looking for recommendations on guidebooks, tutorials, official certifications, and programming exercises that would help me build a solid foundation and progress in these languages. Any advice on where to start and how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

I would start with Ruby alone. You stated that you are completely new to programming. Learning programming and a Language is more than enough as a start. Adding Rails as a framework will likely only cause frustration.

As background: With more than 25 years of professional software development I recently started learning Rails. Right now I have paused Rails and concentrate on Ruby alone. The experience is so much better for me. I found that Rails without a solid Ruby foundation was not for me.

For Ruby I got this book

And of course I spend time on the forum, although mostly reading.