How do I begin to learn rails?

Hi rubyists,

I’m new to rails and programming in general. Learned ruby and Sinatra. I heard about how awesome rails is ! I followed a couple of YouTube tutorials but it was difficult to grasp (scaffold did all the magic ) . I reckon I’ll go with the official rails guide (the one on the homepage) . Any other beginner friendly guides that u guys can recommend?

Ready for Rails <3.

Thank you folks!

Surya. Is something I always recommend to people getting started. It is basically a really detailed guide to building a basic Twitter clone that will essentially hold your hand the entire way through the process and introduce you to how all the various parts and ideas fit together inside of a relatively realistic application. It’s not free anymore I don’t think but it is very much worth the investment.

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Hi !

just set yourself a goal to achieve with rails and practice, practice and practice for days and weeks … and then you will start learning rails practices :wink:

you can use stackoverflow or Ruby and Rails forums for any questions / advices :slight_smile:

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I will recommend the same book I used to learn Rails and recommend to all new hires who still don’t know Rails:

Agile Web Development With Rails - The original versions were written by DHH himself. Chapters 5 through 13 will teach you enough to start building your app.

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