How do I begin to learn rails?

Hi rubyists,

I’m new to rails and programming in general. Learned ruby and Sinatra. I heard about how awesome rails is ! I followed a couple of YouTube tutorials but it was difficult to grasp (scaffold did all the magic ) . I reckon I’ll go with the official rails guide (the one on the homepage) . Any other beginner friendly guides that u guys can recommend?

Ready for Rails <3.

Thank you folks!

Surya. Is something I always recommend to people getting started. It is basically a really detailed guide to building a basic Twitter clone that will essentially hold your hand the entire way through the process and introduce you to how all the various parts and ideas fit together inside of a relatively realistic application. It’s not free anymore I don’t think but it is very much worth the investment.


Hi !

just set yourself a goal to achieve with rails and practice, practice and practice for days and weeks … and then you will start learning rails practices :wink:

you can use stackoverflow or Ruby and Rails forums for any questions / advices :slight_smile:

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I will recommend the same book I used to learn Rails and recommend to all new hires who still don’t know Rails:

Agile Web Development With Rails - The original versions were written by DHH himself. Chapters 5 through 13 will teach you enough to start building your app.


I became more interested in learning ruby, but one thing that buzzing on my head is, things like what should I learn first about ruby or where to start. I’m just new to web development.

Read the manual:

Watch this video:

You could check out The Odin Project too or TOP for short.

GoRails videos and Drifting Ruby videos are another resource worth checking out.


Here’s an overview of the best free Ruby on Rails tutorials to get you up and coding in no time.

  1. Codecademy. Codecademy is one of the most renowned online code schools to offer free programming courses.
  2. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial.
  3. Try Ruby.
  4. Ruby Koans.
  5. Rails for Zombies.
  6. Roadmap for Learning Rails MyCCPay

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official website

I’ve written a book Learn Ruby on Rails. Since you’re new to programming, it may be the best place to start, since it’s written specifically for beginners and non-coders. Michael Hartl, the author of the popular Ruby on Rails Tutorial recommends it as “a great place for beginners to start” (his book is great but better for developers with prior programming experience). Learn Ruby on Rails is actually two books. The first book in the series provides context and background for beginners. It’s free.

And dont forget this resource :

Its realy cool stuff - I learned from him RAILS. Not all is free. But its has its worth.