Ruby on Rails for Beginners


Every now and then I see people asking about the best way to learn Ruby…

Checkout Getting Started with Ruby on Rails with several recommended Ruby tutorials.

Regards, Ben

The 06/11/13, Ben Curren wrote:

   Every now and then I see people asking about the best way to learn Ruby...
   Checkout [1]Getting Started with Ruby on Rails�with several recommended
   Ruby tutorials.

The mailing list archives are plenty of such requests. ,-)

I didn’t come from a programming background and only had a very basic understanding of concepts such as objects, method, etc. I personally used these 3 resources and would strongly recommend them:

  • Codecademy to get started with Ruby
  • Codeschool to learn Rails and dig deeper into Ruby. I subscribed to get access to all the videos. It’s $25/month and totally worth it if you’re serious about learning Web Development. They have tutorials on: Ruby, Rails, Git, Javascript, HTML/CSS, etc.
  • Once I felt I had the basics covered, I went through Hartl’s tutorial
  • Then I went back to codeschool to review some concepts that weren’t all that clear to me (e.g. testing with Rspec)

That’s all I needed, these 3 resources and it worked for me. Hope this helps your friends :slight_smile:

I just finished reading Design Patterns in Ruby, but Russ Olsen. I highly recommend it for people who want to learn programming, as opposed to just learning Rails.

Another good book is Ruby for Rails, which is about Ruby mostly, in the context of using Rails.