rmagick on windows

Scott Pn wrote:

Is there any special way to set up rmagick on windows, I installed the
gem, and i install imagemagick, but it says it can't find a CORE_.. .dll
file. Can someone give me a run down on how to do it on windows.

I have faced the same problem while installing the Rmagick.

To solve this issue just copy the CORE_.. .dll or all the *.dll files
from the ImageMagick.... Installed path which would be preferably in
C:/Program files/Imagemagick.. and paste it in C:/windows/system32.

Once you done with this above flow try this.

irb > require 'rubygems'
irb > require 'rmagick'

Which shows the rmagick was installed perfectly.

I have a post that explains the installation for both RMagick and
ImageMagick at