rMagick on win32

does anyone have a good reference website that I can follow to install
rmagick on ruby 1.8.4?

I have tried just following the basic install but the first warning

gem install rmagick failed with a huge error about nil::NilClass, and
some other stuff, I can post if necessary, otherwise hit me with a

Thanks alot!!

Nothing to it but to follow the readme.
You need the special Win32 version from here:


Unzip that and look at the Readme.

You need to install the ImageMagic setup exe that is in that zip file
Then extract the included gem to your hard disk (c:\temp)
then do

gem install rmagick.gem --local

(you’ll need the name of the gem… I’m too lazy to look it up right now.)

Once that’s done, all will work well. Installed it on several systems this weekend and it is wonderful to be able to use this again.