RMagick 2.0 win32 install problems


I have just followed the instructions on installing the new version of
RMagick on windows xp, with no error messages.

However whenever I attempt to start Mongrel I get the following error

"The application has failed to start because CORE_RL_magick_.dll was not

Any suggestions on how to fix this error?


Anyone got any ideas?

Scott A S wrote:

did you install ImageMagick? CORE_RL_magick_.dll seems to be part of it.

I think the RMagick install is supposed to also install the right
version of ImageMagick. I'd guess it's a path problem. Search for
the file yourself. On win xp a path problem can sometimes be fixed
with a reboot. Or just restarting all the apps. Just a guess.


Cheers, Yeah it turned out I just needed a reboot

fredistic wrote: