RichUnits - Orphan Needs Home

I'm looking for someone to take over the RichUnits project. (http:// RichUnits is pretty much a drop in
equivalent for the corresponding ActiveSupport libraries. I think
having this as a separate project can lend itself to wider usage of
these idioms, and greater improvements and refinement to the library
itself. Already, the Duration class has been improved, for instance.

I think the only thing the library currently lacks that it would need
to actually be used with Rails is better timezone support. When
creating the project, ActiveSupport timezone handling seemed
convoluted to me so I did not consider any of that code --I suspect it
can be done in a better way.

As much as I think the library is a worthy pursuit, I will no longer
be around to maintain it. So I need someone to take it, even if it's
just to be a temporary custodian until someone else decides to take it
(or it just code rots away).

Hope someone is interested. You can contact me off list if you prefer.