Need help with my Duration-related pull requests

Hello to everyone in core team and thank you for your hard work in Rails!

I have some pull requests related to ActiveSupport::Duration class. They are pretty aged and mostly finished and I’m waiting for feedback to completely finish them.

  1. #22806 — Change 1.week to create 1 week durations instead of 7 days durations. (it’s very small, excerpt from #16917 discussion)
  2. #16917 — Methods for ActiveSupport::Duration parsing from ISO 8601 and output to it. (makes durations iso-friendly, Sean Griffin @sgrif said that he’d like to get that in for Rails 5)
  3. #16919 — PostgreSQL interval datatype support (based on #16917 changes and depends on it, will update it after #16917 will be merged in).
    I have a week of holidays and passion to finish them. Only what I need is feedback. Can someone please review them further?

With best regards, Andrey Novikov.

P.S> I have some more PRs to review. Some of them are really small and trivial, like #20625 or #20544.

Please anyone, review these pull requests one more time. Someone from Core Team already said «Looking good to me», so may be it’s just woth to press «Merge» button if you have no more questions:

Also there is one very small unreviewed PR:

And I still looking for help with this more difficult PR:

With best regards, Andrey Novikov.