Give me some love on old PRs

Hello Rails!

I know this kind of message isn’t what we are used to see in this mailing list, most of the times we discuss about feature requests and cool suggestions, but this is also a foreseen topic for this mailing list as the Contributing to Ruby on Rails guide states:

If it’s been over a week, and you haven’t heard anything, you might want to try and nudge things along. You can use the rubyonrails-core mailing list for this. You can also leave another comment on the pull request.

So let’s try it! I have four PRs that need feedback from the core team. I would like to have them ready in order to continue with other developments that depend on them. All of them have already been there for a long time, in the best cases more than 7 days since my last comment requesting feedback. Please give them somebody to love :wink:

As always, thanks in advance for your time and reviews!!

May I tag along and also mention this PR related to ActiveModel::Errors?


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