1.2.4 to land soon

Hey guys,

I'm going to polish up the 1-2-stable branch and push out a new
release in the next few days. If you have any annoying bugs which are
present in 1.2.x and not yet fixed in stable, point them out in this
thread and I'll take a look at merging the fixes.

Ok, here they come

partly because there is no answer for the question asked by bitsweat - database speaks data, accesors speak objects, and you cannot exactly ask the DB to compare
on a calculated attribute

this one is a tiny, manfred please approve
having a failing test reminds us that utf8proc would be nice :slight_smile: besides conformance corpus is not run as part of rake so this won't break CI

this one is important for camping where modules reign supreme

been' long time

Sorry I wasn't clearer, I'm after fixes that are in trunk, that I can
cherry pick over. Pending trunk patches / fixes will land with 2.0
or 1.2.5.