Replacement for AV::TestCase

Hey friends,

here's a replacement for ActionView::TestCase, I called it
AV::HelperTest. In the commit I already changed all the existing
helper tests, they run fine with the new class.

So, why a replacement?

AV::TestCase has about 300 lines of code trying to fake something
which is already there - a clean API for running helper methods in a
real view. We no longer need all that code to setup an artificial view

My new class is a combination of something I came up with and Yehuda's
BlockHelper. It basically adds two new methods #in_view and
#assert_rendered, check the docs here:

It's a very simplistic approach trying to reduce complexity and
combine both the new Rails API with an easy way of running code in a
real view.

Let me know what you think of it,


It looks good to me. I've made a few comments on the commit, but other
than the questions I asked, it seems good.

Hopefully others can review it too. :slight_smile:

Aaron- thanks! I added comments to answer your questions.

+1 from me on that. I also added my comment.

I forgot to ask. If this is backwards compatible, why not just change
the current AV::TestCase? I'd rather not maintain two base class test


Hm, I don't think it's completely backwards-compatible as AV::TestCase
does set A LOT of instance variables and stuff which people surely use
in their tests. So, these tests would fail.

Yehuda and I agreed that it would be wise to mark AV::TestCase as
deprecated instead and encourage people to use the replacement. What
do you think?


Yo- fixed the uninitialized ivar, see here:

If you really hate the module separation we can remove it. It *is*
premature API, right, however, better a soon API than no API at
all :wink: