problems with @request deprecation and HelperTestCase

Is anyone having problems with running off edge (or the 1.2RC) and
getting HelperTestCase to work? This is with just about any of the
variants of helper_testcase out there (Geoffrey's, Test::Rails, or
Rails Recipes).

It keeps complaining with messages similiar to:

RuntimeError: Deprecating @request, but it's already set to
#<ActionController::TestRequest:0x2596950 @content_type=nil,
@path_parameters={"action"=>"show", "id"=>"1",
"controller"=>"helper_test_case"}, @accepts=nil, @request_method=:get,
@request_uri=nil, @parameters={"action"=>"show", ......

Just wanted to see if I'm alone here...

- Rob