@request problem in functional tests

I'm using edge rails, ruby 1.8.6 on osx.
if I write a method like:

@request.session[:user] = 3

more than in one method the script just quits, I must use it once in
the entire test file :\
it can be considerered as a bug? with earlier revisions of edge rails
it was working..


after long testing I found out why: the new file format for the views;
if we have edit.erb there are no issues, if we start using
edit.html.erb tests quits.
there's also another issue with this format, explained here:

I've seen changeset 6505, I'm gonna to try it.

Changeset 6505 it's unrelated.

Anyway I can confirm, tests broke/quits when using
file.format.extension for views, I've just renamed again my views to
the old format (file.erb) and tests goes from start to finish normally.