Regrading Biometric

         Is there any chance to integrate Biometric in RoR 2.3.8. If
yes can you please tell me the process.

I think you will have to explain in more detail what you want to do,
the term "integrate Biometric" could mean very many things.

In addition version 2.3.8 is very old, I suggest using the current
Rails version.


the exact requirement is that we want integrate finger print reader into the rails application .can anyone please help us for integrating this into our project .

Does the fingerprint reader have an API? How does it communicate with the world? USB? Serial Port? Proprietary interface? What is its output? Text? Binary image?

Rails is a Web application toolkit, Ruby is a general purpose programming language. Between the two, you may be able to lash together an interface, such that an operator sitting at a Web application could press a button, instruct the scanee to "swipe your finger" and receive back a structured data package (maybe an image of the fingerprint) that the Web application would accept as input. You might even be able to get an unattended station to work (scanning a finger initiates the storage of data). But you have to answer a whole lot of other questions first.