Fast identification (maybe fingerprint) using Ruby?

What about kind of interface where users would choose between male/female date of birth? Quick and easy and it is not complicated!

Yeah thats an idea. I will look into that. The thing is it really has
to happen in max 30 secs. Even getting somebody to log into an account
with email, password in 30sec is close to impossible. at least not

I had a similar situation, where we needed to track personnel for a specific event. We gave out id cards with only a bar code, no other identifying marks. The scanner would check them in/out with one swipe, and it was fast. The only people that could relate the bar code to a person were the people that managed the accounts.

the site for the event was a single page with a text box that the bar code scanner placed the output in. after the scan was complete, the page would auto submit, and flash a message.

I don’t have access to the source, but I used jQuery, and an auto submit function