Biometrics fingerprint scanner in RoR? Is it possible? and how?


I’m a graduating student of IT right now and in a couple of months, we’ll be starting on a new project in the University. My group and I decided to create a voting system which requires Fingerprint scanner to identify the voters and make the voting process more secured. I still don’t know how biometrics fingerprint scanner works exactly and I’ve just started to do some research.

So my question is, is it even possible that RoR can use a biometrics fingerprint scanner?

I’m pretty sure that the biometrics fingerprint scanner should be able to output something if a user is a registered voter or not. You just have

to hook this something into the database to check who the current voter is. So overall, the question is not really if you can do this with rails, it’s if the fingerprint scanner gives you flexibility to do this.

Firstly, it doesn’t seem right to make a decision while you are still unsure if that is doable by the deadline. In theory I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible, just it could require a lot of work. But isn’t it the point for your group of educated people to come up with something in such a project thus enriching the knowledge available for RoR community?

P.S. I gather from your post that this is a non-commercial project designed to prove your expertise in the field.