Recommendations for training on ROR for a noob?

I am a SW Engineer with no experience with ROR. Mostly SQL Server &
SSRS experience.
I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good training course on ROR?
I need to get proficient quickly to sell it to my Boss.

I think a good place to start are some of the text resources that are already available. Just search for ROR on someplace like Amazon, and check out some of the more popular books. There’s even an ROR for dummies book [=. Seriously, one of my friend’s got turned onto the framework with that! Got to start somewhere, right?

If you want to buy a book i think that "The Rails Way" (Addison-
Wesley) is a good one.
You can watch some excellent (free) video here :
Peepcode will have too, very good ressources :
(you'll have to pay)
Hope it helps.

If you could wait until September, there is an awesome course held in Colorado

or you could look at these:

one of the most popular books is Agile Web Development with RoR -

of course there is a huge amount of information out there, just do a search like the others have suggested.


We've been blogging about our transition from .NET to Rails for a
couple of years, in case you find it helpful:,
and a one-day class coming up in Austin, TX. As someone else already
pointed out, Pragmatic's classes and books are also great, too.

Welcome aboard!


REST with Rails, Oct 4, 2008 in Austin, TX: - blog - training - Upcoming book, Rails for .NET Developers