Ruby on Rails course ... looking for hint and people

Simone R. wrote:

Hi everybody ...

I was trying to learn RoR by attending a course ... but right now
there are not enought people so the course probably will not run ... and
for me is a problem because I need Ror for work :-((((

If there is someone interested (or if you have some better hint to learn
RoR or other couse to attend )
just let me know

FYI the course cost about 1000 £ and is 5 days in London.

thanks Simone

AWDWR is the BEST course you can get.

Get the pdf (And the book as well if you want but the pdf is essential
if you are going to code as you read)

Read the WHOLE book and go through several iterations of both the depot
and the blog app and you will be well on your way to becoming a GURU :slight_smile:

You can write the depot app in a couple of days and going back through
it 3 or 4 times will help grow your understanding.

Further reading to enable a greater understanding of the Ruby language
will be usefull at some point.

The authors are well respected and indeed heavily involved in the
development of Rails and Ruby.