rails's models diagrams

hi i’m a newbie ror programmer and in my job demand the rails’s models diagrams to add this plataform to the daily work, i still havent found anything so if someone could be so nice to send me one ill be very thanful

I haven't tested it against 2.3, but Railroad can do what you're asking for:


--Matt Jones

Thanks a lot… i will try

it´s not working, railroad generate applications diagrams, not for the framework, i have been looking around for one but it seems that there´s not one. i need a class or model diagram of the rails framework like the one that´s available for struts in java. please i´ll be very thankfull

I think you may be out of luck - I've never heard of anybody doing such a thing. Given that modern UML has special notations for various language features (anonymous inner classes in Java, for instance), it may not even be possible with some of the metaprogramming stuff going on in Rails. For instance, how would UML represent an association proxy, or the method_missing stuff that ActiveRecord uses?

Out of curiosity, why on earth would such a diagram be needed? Surely there's a better reason than "management said so"...

--Matt Jones

No.. that was the same reason why I had to do it about a month ago.

Fortunately for me Railroad's output was good enough.

Fortunately for me Railroad's output was good enough.

could you send me your diagram? please i need it a lot. and thanks for all the help