Designing An Application (UML, Class Diagrams)

Is there any freeware anybody would recommend for showing database
models and how they relate to each other? I'm picking up an app
another developer left in a mess and I'm trying to sort it out.
Diagrams would be a great help.

I second that - railroad rocks - it's basically automatic

Michael Pavling wrote:

It worked for me this morning with 2.3.5

(although I do occasionally have to tweak models to get it to parse
them happily)

Great! Thanks for the info.
Problem though, it only ever outputs files of 0 size. The examples
also show it being run as `railroad -options`, I have to use rake to
run it, not sure if thats normal. Any help?

What's the output of:
  which railroad
  railroad --version

What is the exact command you're invoking it with, and if that doesn't
seem to be working, what's the output in verbose mode?

Thank you for your help. You got me going in the right direction.
railroad wasn't in my path, duh! :slight_smile:

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