Ask About ruby-uml

Rails Terrorist wrote:

Any body here has used ruby-uml from ??

I dont know how to use it, would you mind to share your experience on


Have you found plug-in or gem for generating application code like
controllers, models, views to sequence diagram ? I have tried RailRoad,
but it can not create sequence diagram, only class diagram for
controllers and models.

Thank You for your sharing knowledge.


I have not tried it yet ... but I did notice that the distribution
contained an examples directory. From what I can see, you need to write
a ruby script to feed files into the generators.

Hopefully, this will help, as I have to admit, I too am looking for a
good tool to 1) document the high-level class model and 2) provide basic
sequence diagrams. I usually use these to kick-off a refactoring
session and as others have noted, abandon pretty quickly once the
changes have been identified and the coding starts.