RailsAsAService.com: A Ruby on Rails upgrade service.

Rails As A Service is a new service designed to help owners of outdated Ruby on Rails applications bring their applications up to date. Now upgrading Ruby on Rails 2.3 or greater to the Rails 4.2.2.


Rails As A Service is designed as a no-touch solution, with work being completed remotely and delivered by github pull request for review and approval. If desired, the Rails As A Service team can also push and deploy updates.

To get started, connect your github account at http://www.railsasaservice.com/ and select a project you would like to upgrade. A copy of your project will be sent to the Rails As A Service team who will evaluate what will be required and send an estimate for your review.

Once work begins, pull requests for the upgraded versions of Rails will be created and if a test suite is included, all passing tests will be updated to ensure the new version does not introduce new issues covered by the test suite.

For more information and to connect your github account, visit http://www.RailsAsAService.com/