Rails Services Module


Currently I am doing my Master at the University of Applied Science in
Salzburg in Austria and I need a topic for my master thesis. Now I am
interested in what do you think about the topic "Services". I´d like
to programm a module maybe called activeservice or something like that
which could be included to a rails application. With this module or
patch it will be possible to add and remove external web services to/
from your rails application. It could be like a docking station for
different APIs or something similar. So now my question: What do you
think about my idea? Does rails needs such a feature or do you have
another idea what I could maybe develop within the scope of my master

I would be happy for some responses! :slight_smile:


What’s the difference between active_resource and the ‘activeservice’ you mentioned?

Hasn’t active resource been dropped in rails 3?

Hmm okay it seems that acitve_resource is quite the same.

What do you think about writing an SOAP wrapper for rails and compare the SOAP and REST Api’s?

Why don’t you go more in a direction of automated API service documentation? For example, the guys at apiary.io do this by listening in on API calls and generating documentation from that (or at least that’s the long term plan). Something like that would be very valuable for a lot of people and it could give you an easy in with SV start-ups if you want to.

Comparing SOAP vs REST would be like comparing horse carts and cars…


Rails does not support an interface for external APIs? Or does it offers one?
For example you have to interact with the facebook graph api, twitter api, and others, is there a main basic end-to-end point for such api’s?

Not sure what you mean - the interaction with external services is typically done with gems. Some examples:

Twitter - https://github.com/sferik/twitter

Facebook - https://github.com/nsanta/fbgraph

Git repos - https://github.com/mojombo/grit

There’s also a wide variety of gems that handle the lower-level details to make interacting with APIs easier, from HTTParty to RestClient to Faraday.

–Matt Jones

yes i know these gems. but offers rails itself a layer to hook in such external APIs?
like a docking station, where you can register external services and so on…


Matthias, the point is, that not everything has to come with Rails. Lets keep things modular and cleanly separated. Don’t try to integrate everything into the Rails core when it can just as well be done withing a Gem.

hmm, i understand your opinion, but nowadays it would be very convenient to have so a docking station layer… nearly every rails app interacts with external services, so I think it would be a great idea… more other opinions? :slight_smile:

What precisely is the “docking station layer” supposed to do? Perhaps some Readme-Driven Development would help clarify the idea:


–Matt Jones