Rails on shared hosting

Dear all,

Has anyone run RoR on cPanel based shared hosting? I've got my RoR
application on http://mydomain:10024/

Now I've uploaded all my Product model, view and controller.

Then I tried hitting: http://mydomain:10024/products but it didn't work

Is there any configuration I need to do on a shared hosting? Has
anyone experience with this before?

I'm sorry I have to ask it here since the hosting provided weren't
very supportive as they said it's the problem with the apps, but this
seems to be a relatively simple question :frowning:

Thank you in advance for the support.

As far as I know (and that's not much in this case), then Rails needs
to be installed by the hosting provider... and i'd say your chances of
making that happen are somewhere between nil and none... Maybe there's
some workaround to this, I know that phusion passenger allows
deployment to Apache webservers, but I haven't used it, so I don't
know about this case (although any day now i'm gonna investigate
it)... maybe there's another solution.... anyone??

Rails would need to be installed. Do you have an .htaccess file that resides in your public_html directory? If so, that file is crucial for getting your app up and running.

I tried running a Rails app through cPanel a long time ago and gave up
because I like to have finer control over everything. If money is not
too much of an issue, I think you would be better served by signing up
for a VPS from somewhere and then setting up your own virtual server
to run the app on if for no other reason than to gain a good
understanding for how Rails applications are served to your audience.

I've been hoping to find a solution to hsphere and cpanel because i
have clients that use these already for hosting... i spose i could
switch them to a slice of my choosing, but for convenience sake, i'd
rather stick with their hosts, so if anyone has anything on this, that
would be useful...

From what I have found, there’s very little shared hosts out there (especially the cheap ones) that are framework friendly, whether that’s RoR or CakePHP or … There are some exceptions, but those are usually the hosts that charge a bit more to be able to give customers decent support. We used to deploy wherever our customer wanted, having to contact Mr. John Smith from their host who couldn’t even write english properly and answered us using lots of technical vocabulary that didn’t even make sense, even though we ran our own dedicated linux servers. Every host was a new surprise and our apps kept on crashing and dumping huge error files.

In the end, we just told our customers to bite the bullet, we went for our own dedicated server, set it up, charged them about double what they paid for their own host, provided them with plesk so they could at least make their own e-mail addresses and ever since we have had very happy customers, despite them having to pay a bit more. We haven’t had a single complaint and we can tweak the server to our liking. You get what you pay for in the end.

I think I must agree with you on this. It's just shared hosting are
all about marketing when they said they support rails :frowning:

Yeach the module is there and accessible from cPanel, but Rails can't
actually run. *sigh*

Any good slice hosting that is recommended anyone?


I've heard good things about Slicehost, http://www.slicehost.com/, and
have been thinking about hosting any actual applications there if they
ever get too big for my tiny Atom server I am currently running from
my apartment's server shelf.

I can second the recommendation for slicehost.

The best 'shared' Rails host I've experienced is http://www.ocssolutions.com/.

I can second the recommendation for slicehost.

The best 'shared' Rails host I've experienced is http://www.ocssolutions.com/

slicehost have been good to me too, as have linode (although I've
never had anything more critical than my blog and a few random


Allow me to plug http://www.railscluster.nl (http://en.railscluster.nl
for the English site), which is a fully clustered shared hosting
solution. It's been designed especially for Rails hosting.

All my experiences with slicehost have been positive...

Have been using railsplayground.com and love their support team...
Upgraded recently to a reseller account and will probably upgrade one
day to a VPS


You might give Boxcar a look over as well. We've made this process painless. :slight_smile:

* http://railsboxcar.com/