CPanel and web hosting

My current ISP uses CPanel.

Sadly, my ISP is not giving me the support I need. He has some firewall
stuff that is causing my website to report 406 errors.

My preference is to go with a good ISP who uses CPanel to host RoR.

Or ... does anyone know how hard it is for a relative novice (me) to
move my website from CPanel to heroku?

Google says it’s a popular topic, but I haven’t heard of cPanel and RoR used in the same sentence.

RoR installations is pretty easy to administer in a standard command line, beside that, you can have cPanel on your server to do common administrative tasks (I use webmin myself)

Can someone tell me what are the advantages of using cPanel to manage RoR?

Dheeraj Kumar

If you have a fully working site locally on your machine, pushing that to
Heroku in my experience, is relatively straightforward.

I'd recommended getting a Heroku account & doing a test run & see what
errors you encounter & then take it from there.



They're ain't many ;-)...

I'm struggling with cPanel & RoR at the moment & it's unpleasant. Heroku's a
far more sensible approach & any troubleshooting necessary can be done via
this list & Google/Stack Overflow.



Do you have your app in a git repo? Then you're set. A one-dyno
setup is free, so just try it.

You may find some things that need changing, but it'll be a good
exercise. Even when a client has existing hosting, I always use a
Heroku instance as a test/staging server to wring out non-portable
(non-cloud-friendly) code.