Rails initialization guide

Hi all,

I’m back working on this guide (and others(. I was wondering though if we eventually want to maintain this monster. Right now this guide is covering every single required file, which means it has to be updated very frequently. An alternative that I want to propose is to skip covering required files (except for particular ones that we feel are important), and instead just cover the code that gets executed. I think this is also most interesting for the final user, as right now it’s impossible to keep track of where you are in the code by reading the guide.

What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and do this (so we can actually ship this guide soon)?

I think the guide should cover initialization as conceptually as possible: what runs when. Implementation details should be kept to a minimum, though some may make sense of course.

I agree with this. It was silly to cover every single file (regardless of execution) in the first place.