html code filled half of the initialization guiding page

Hi all,

The link is:

I saw this page with html code yesterday, I guess some of you forgot
to use *html_string.html_safe* starting from section 1.14 till the end
of the page.

Now I'm still seeing it, I think I should remind you immediately, for
the love of ROR!

Please update this page as soon as possible so that new rails starters
won't be frustrated.

Thank you.

Thanks, the edge guide looks better to me.

Note, however, that the initialization guide is NOT published. Real Life™ interrupted the development of that guide before a first draft was complete. In particular, it is not maintained, and it is not even listed in the home page.

BTW, the Rails init process is interesting in itself, and pedagogical for users: it helps grasping how the different components work together. If anyone wants to take over the guide (or continue it, hear, hear :), this is a really nice piece of documentation to work on.

I’ve pushed the fix to 3-1-stable and the errors should get fixed with the release of 3.1.1. Thanks for the heads up.