initialization documentation

There’s a start in initialization.textile, but needs to be updated and finished.

This is an important topic. In addition to being interesting in itself, it helps people understand how are all the pieces connected. If someone liked to take over the initialization guide please do!

I know Ryan Bigg did a lot of work on that for his Rails 3 in Action book. I don’t know if his notes are available outside the book, though


I begun working on the initialization guide back at the beginning of 2010, but I stopped as I picked up a new full-time job and Rails was undergoing a lot of changes at the time in preparation for the 3.0 release and so I was hesitant to continue on my work until Rails “stabilized” in that respect. I begun re-writing it from scratch in November-December last year and left it in its unfinished state with the intention of completing it after I’m done with the book.

The problem with it however is that there’s currently no way to make sure that the content is accurate. Therefore, rather than working on this guide directly, I would rather work on some way of ensuring that the guides for Rails (not just this one) are actually technically correct by being able to generate a type of “documentation test suite” for them.

Right now, I don’t have the time to do this. But I think this would be a great place to start and what better guide to use (for the sheer number of examples it has) than the initialization guide?

Neeraj Singh has a great video (~25min) on how the Rails boot process works, which he just made in June (I believe using Rails 3.1rc).


so just to be straight, this is the page I am referring to where the initialization process is explained correct?
I am seeing that there is a docrails project that it says that we should update. Is this still correct? Maybe I can coordinate with someone and start
working on it together when time permits but I will need someone to be the lead and provide directions for starting this. Let me know. I also have
a full time rails project but I think it would be good to get the initialization documentation up to date. My personal email is feel free to
contact me. I can also provide my skype id if you email me.

Hi can you provide link to this video?