initialization guide feedback


i was looking for initialization order and didn’t find it the guide initialization.html so because it asks for feedback and even encourages to open issues (which i was hesitant to do) here it is:

It looks like an implementation description.

Whereas what i would expect is a description of the effects on the user.

Ie, a little googling on stackoverflow produces a nice list





-config/initializers/*.rb (In alphabetic order)

Which is something that i can relate too. Require order of internal rails files is really not what i need.

Now the problem: I have an app, that uses an engine i also wrote, which uses a gem that defines a Railtie that has a config.after_initialize

My engine needs to change a variable the gem defines in the after_initialize and i have no idea how to do that.

So i was looking to define the load order of engines, respectively run my engine init after the gem’s.

I find no reference to after_initialize and only a sort of side reference to Engines. So i am none the wiser.

I would like to repeat that i only mention this as the page asks. Not as criticism, but a users view.

Agreed 100%.

That guide was an initial work, and as you say it’s more like a code walkthrough than a user-level description of the init process in the line you expected, which is the approach I’d personally like for that guide.

The current draft should probably be removed from the website.