Rails Hosting: How do you 'certify' a hosting company?

Hi Paul,

Paul Larson wrote:

How do I make RoR support "official" to the outside world?

if I got Rails working on a dedicated server at this company, when would I be able to convince them that their hardware/
software is indeed "certified" for the Rails community?

What's your motivation for wanting to do these things?

Just wondering...


If you're providing your own tech support why does it matter if the
ISP is "certified" or not? I think that part of the disconnect here
is that I have no idea what you mean by "certified." Certified for

-- James

Sounds like you just need a good host. I'm sure there are different
levels of service no matter where you go.

I have been hosting my Rails apps with OCSSolutions for quite a while
now. They have been completely helpful at every turn. They develop
Rails apps from what I understand so they know what is required for a
good Rails hosting environment.


Dreamhost’s problems are related to

  1. running FastCGI in dynamic mode
  2. running FastCGI in develoment mode by default
  3. A process watchdog that kills off FastCGI dispatchers when it shouldn’t
  4. Developers who use Dreamhost as their own playground

I have dealt with 1-3 above. 4 is common on any shared host.

All a host needs to do is set up the web server properly and Rails will play quite nicely. Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done about developers on your server who write sloppy code which kills the server.

I disagree. At OCSSolutions each Rails app runs under it's own
user-owned Lighttpd proxied under Apache. Process quotas per user do
the rest.

Sounds like a nice host. I could still see Apache being taken down by some php or perl nastiness but at least the process quotas help.