Rails Developer Needed For A Few Days Work


I'm looking for a rails developer to help me do some extra bits on an existing live web project, and write an interface for it to run as a Facebook application.

I'm looking for someone who's good with Rails 2 and mySQL primarily. Ideally someone who takes pride in writing elegant and clean code, and has some free time on their hands to work on a fun project/site.

If you're comfortable with any or all of Apache, Mongrel, Capistrano, SVN, Ubuntu and Google Maps, all the better.

I'm based in London, but I don't mind going offshore so long as your English is good.

If you're interested please let me know about your experience, rates and availability. Also let me know what experience you have of working with Facebook. If you've not written a Facebook app before but are keen on learning then I'd consider agreeing to some sort of fixed price for that part of the project rather than by the hour.

I'd ideally like to build a relationship with a rails developer who I can count on for other work in the future.