Looking for a freelance web developer

We are seeking an assistant software developer to support our development

Experience of Ruby and Rails, PostgreSQL, coffeescript, jquery would be be preferential and Java for Android would be beneficial. We will consider candidates without Ruby on Rails experience, but must have a willingness to learn. Must be well-organised and have strong professional skills as you be interacting with client requests. Interest
in environmental innovation desired.

We are a fast growing company that has spin-out of research from Oxford University that is bringing innovative solutions for improving car and building energy performance.

We have several commercially ready software applications and a pipeline of new products currently in research and development. We are looking for a London or Oxford-based developer able to give 30-50 hours a month and there is opportunity for growth.

Start date: September. Please send cv to: kevin.etienne(at)pilio-ltd.com.


I am interested in this opportunity, I have knowledge of Ruby and similar functional programming languages.

PFA the updated resume of mine.


My_Updated_Resume.docx (23.6 KB)


Consider this message if tele-working is an option. We have pool of resources and can deliver quality work for reasonable fees.

+91 98401 64646


I am interested in this opportunity, please let me know what information you may need.



I emailed both of you privately before about this, but you probably
didn't see it.

Please stop replying to the mailing list with this information.
Instead, email the original poster directly.


IMHO, anybody who replies on-list (at least without following it with
an apology) has thereby weeded themselves out of consideration for any
such jobs....


And IMHO, we should *not* point them toward direct replies, but rather allow them to continue doing so :wink:

Hi Kevin,

I am a ruby on rails developer from India, I have 5 years of experience in developing rails applications, I am looking for some part time remote work in ruby on rails,I can give 20-30 hours/week.

I have experience in Rails 2.3.x and 3.x and 4, ruby 1.8.x/1.9.x/2.x, Rspec, Cucumber, Test::Unit,
Minitest, Vagrant, Git, HAML, HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, Javascript, jQuery, Angularjs, Agile Methodologies, PostgreSQL, Mysql etc.

Link to my github profile.(https://github.com/sachin87))
Link to my StackOverflow profile(http://stackoverflow.com/users/1262519/sachin-singh))
Link to codementor profile(https://www.codementor.io/sachin))
Link to rubygems profile(https://rubygems.org/profiles/sachin87))


Sachin Singh