Rails Consultant Needed for Project

Hey all, I am looking to hire a Rails consultant on an hourly basis to
help with planning, configuring, and building a Rails project that I
am working on.

I am a one man show and I just simply can't build it fast enough with
my limited knowledge of Rails.

Here is what I am looking for:

Someone who can help me out with planning my application by advising
on correct ways to build things, which plugins to use, how to
correctly configure and code my application based on the project
requirements. Currently, about 20% of the application is completed and
is in a repository on GitHub.

I am not looking for someone to code this app for me, but simply guide
me along as I run into issues, and also be there to check behind me to
be sure that I am following good practices. This app (in my honest
opinion) has the potential to be a huge success and I want to make
sure that it is done properly from the start. I am certainly open to
bringing in someone that could refactor code or create small snippets
that would be used in the project, but I am not looking for someone to
build the entire app for me.

You should obviously have good experience with building Rails
applications, and have a good knowledge of Rails plugins and gems, and
any Rails eCommerce experience would extremely helpful. Location is
not important, as most of this work will take place through email,
Basecamp, GitHub, and phone/IM. I would like for you to be in the U.S.
if at all possible to make things easier as a whole.

I can't pay extreme hourly amounts for your time, but I think I can
compensate fairly well for the work that would be involved by helping
me along. I am thinking somewhere in the 25-35 hour range total, but
could be more/less. Most of this would be done during evening hours
but could be worked in during the day if needed.

If you are interested in discussing the project and the requirements,
and you have the free time to help me out please email me off the list
at CORY [at] FIVESIDESMEDIA dot COM. I would like to get rolling by
the first of next week, if not quicker, with someone on board with me.