Any contractors available?

Hi all,

I am working with a client and we may need some extra help. I am an experienced developer, but this is my first complete rails project (I specialize in Flex, and have done a lot of PHP in the past).

The client would like to hurry, so we’re officially soliciting some help. We’re considering three different types of people.

  1. If you are a beginning/intermediate rails developer, but intelligent, we could hire you to work on this under my supervision.

  2. If you rock at rails, we could pay you to work on the project (and I would be your sidekick / project manager / would do about half the work)

  3. If you rock at rails, we could hire you to be on-call to answer questions and mentor me. This might be the most efficient setup, and we could figure out how to do it in a non-annoying way :slight_smile:

Please contact me with your rate, a little about yourself, and we’ll talk.

Rate: Please quote

Hours: 5-20 a week? We’re very flexible on the hours

Duration: I’d guess around 4 months before we reevaluate our needs

What does the community think about option #3? Has anyone ever done anything like that before?

Thanks everybody! I’m looking forward to working with you.

Sean Clark Hess