4-5 Remote U.S. based contractors needed for 2-3 month Ruby on Rails Project

Hi Carol,

I'm interested in this position. I'll have to update my resume; it's grossly out-of-date because I've been both off the market for several years and very busy on long-term projects, but you can still get at least some idea of my level of experience <http://www.elevated-dev.com/Resume/> right now.

My target rate is $120/hour, billed through my corporation. (Although it's just me right now, payroll at times has been as high as 5 employees, and there's significant income from product sales, and contracting income from a couple of other sources.)

My standards for "expert" are very very high, so I hesitate to claim that for Rails--but I have solid experience, and couple of applications to show what I've accomplished with Rails. They both use JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX. On the other hand, SQL, particularly PostgreSQL, is something that I really do feel expert with.

Early June start suits me just about perfectly. Although I'm in Colorado, eastern time zone is not a big deal because I usually start work early anyway. (I would prefer 4 x 10-hour days per week--I really am most productive when I can stay immersed in a single project all day rather than switching in & out.) I'd obviously want to work remotely, but some travel for on-site work is not a problem.

If you'd like to discuss this, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Well, aren't I just the dullest tool in the shed this morning!

Hi Carol,
As a part time i would like to work with you , no charge till you not get good code from me :slight_smile:

you can find me here