Rails Deployment


How do I configure my rails app for a custom gems directory ?
My hosting tells me that I need to add this to my scripts : $:.push("/home/concptpl/ruby/gems")

But that seems to be for independent ruby scripts, how to I configure rails accordingly ?

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Dhruva Sagar.

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From http://www.rubygems.org/read/chapter/3

If a user does not have access to the standard installation location
(typically /usr/local/lib/ruby), then they have the option of
installing RubyGems in a alternate location.

Note that if you can’t install RubyGems in the standard location, then
you probably can’t install gems in the standard gem repository
location either. You need to specifiy a non-standard gem repository
location via the GEM_HOME environment variable.

Use the following to install RubyGems in a user directory (here
called /home/mystuff) with a repository named /home/mygemrepository):

$ export GEM_HOME=/home/mygemrepository