installation of ruby on rails in in a User Directory

Hi everybody !

I'm giving a course abour ruby on rails at the university and we have a
problem when installing rails on the laboratory machines. In fact, when
we try to install rails in a user directory (after installing gems), we
got the following error :

/u/dift6800/ruby2/gemrepository/bin/gem:9:in `require': no such file to
load -- rubygems (LoadError) from

For the installation procedure we are following the instruction from :, and
/u/dift6800/ruby2/gemrepository is used as a local repository for gems

Our working environment is a fedora core 4.

Do some one have any idea how to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi again !!

Finally the problem was related to an installation of rubygems not
hooked to the current ruby installation.

Have a nice day everybody,