About rubygems

Hi all.
My host install ruby in /usr/local/ but install rubygems in /home/user/ruby/.
so, when I startup my rails project it always return error to me said that it couldn't find any rubygems lib.

anybody knows how to solve it? thanks!

Thanks for reply
but I can't use sudo command :frowning:
在 2009/6/29 下午 12:09 時, Älphä Blüë 寫到:

Did you try adding /home/usr/ruby to ruby's search path

ruby -I/home/user/ruby script/console

If that works then you can get ruby to automatically add that for you
by setting the RUBYOPT environment variable to "-I/home/user/ruby"


Assuming that you mean they install gems (the packages, not the
package *manager* rubygems) in /home/user/gems, take a look at this
article on setting GEM_HOME:


--Matt Jones