Rails Backend engineer at Dressipi (London/Remote; 50-60k)

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a Rails backend engineer to join the team at Dressipi (where I’m the CTO), working on our fashion retail prediction AI platform. We’re running a set of Rails 5.2 / 6.x applications, with APIs exposed using grape and serving some of the biggest retailers in the UK and beyond.

Dressipi aims to transform fashion retail by enabling retailers to predict what each shopper will buy and not return, enabling better consumer experiences and product discovery while at the same time reducing the wastage and inefficiencies that are commonplace in the sector

We algorithmically generate outfits, personalize 100s of millions of pageviews and month and lots more ( You can read more about what we do our blog - Blog | Dressipi ).

We’re all working remotely at the moment, but there will be a London office again for those that want it when the time is right. We’re also happy for people to stay remote, either within the UK or with a reasonable amount of working day overlap with the UK.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, please drop me a line for more information



(PS: no agencies etc)

Hello @Frederick_Cheung

Would like to work on your requirement, kindly reach me over Skype: diana_14674

Feel free to reach me for further discussion.

Regards, Diana

Hello @Frederick_Cheung I am interested to your role. I would like to learn more about.


Hi I’am interested !! my skype_id : alassane_mamadou

do not hesitate to contact me

Hi @Frederick_Cheung

Looks interesting. Want to have a word with you.

Please feel free to reach on Skype: sivagollapalli88@gmail.com

And would you want me, should I get the nod, to standardize on the latest, supported rails version, after writing tests to ensure that no functionality is lost when upgrading?

Are said outfits also made in real-time and branded as “Dressipi” hoodies, for example? Is this part of the roadmap going forward?

Fair point, let’s talk? – H

This role would include that sort of work but wouldn’t be the primary focus

not quite - we don’t produce or sell any clothing items. What this functionality does is if you are viewing an item of clothing on a website suggest items that can go with it to form an outfit (respecting any preferences you’ve given etc.).

Sure - maybe drop me a message with CV etc. & we can take things further.


What sort of preferences can one give the site? Maybe a bit ahead of things here, but just curious.

https://units.d8u.us/cv – H

It’s a mix of explicit preferences (favourite colours, patterns etc), slightly less direct ones (ie someone might feel self conscious about their stomach) and ones inferred from behaviour. I’ll drop you a DM

Frederick, Thank you very much. – H