Rails 3.0.7 and MySQL

I used to use Sqlite3 as my database now I changed to MySQL installed mysql2 v=0.2.10 and now my application doesn’t run. I get the exact same error as the one pasted here.


What can I do?

Found the problem:

in my config/database.yml file I had the following entry for both production and development configuration.

pool: 5

I removed that and it seems to work just fine. Well I guess it helps someone. Kudos to myself. :slight_smile:

hi… how to create a form in rails without using a scaffold command?

Has this question got anything to do with the subject line (Rails 3.0.7 and MySQL)? Please ask this again as a new posting with a meaningful subject. That way someone with an interest in the question is more likely to read it. The answer to your question, however, is to use form_for in the view file. Study the files generated by a scaffold command and just replicate this yourself. If you want further information please start a new thread.