rake fails; path to sqlite database file problem

Must I create a schema.sql? Given that rails creates the schema when using mySQL, why create schema.sql?

I have sqlite3 installed but am unsure about what the database.yml should look like and how the database file is found. I created an empty database and placed it in straw/db, but that doesn't seem to work.

<http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/HowtoUseSQLite&gt; says to:

sqlite3 ~/databases/rails-app.db < /path/to/schema.sql

However, I never created a .sql file. Can't I just plop straw.db somewhere and tell database.yml where to find it? This appears to be what happens in Windows.

For mySQL rails created all tables and schemas. Cannot rails do the same thing for sqLite?

Here's what I have:

thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ cat db/migrate/001_feeds.rb

class Feeds < ActiveRecord::Migration         def self.up                 create_table :feeds do |table|                         table.column :title, :string                         table.column :location, :string                         table.column :category_id, :integer                 end         end         def self.down                 drop_table :feeds         end end thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ ll db/straw.db -rw-r--r-- 1 thufir users 0 Nov 28 22:30 db/straw.db thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ cat config/database.yml

development:         adapter: sqlite         dbfile: /home/thufir/straw/db/straw.db test:         adapter: sqlite         dbfile: /home/thufir/straw/db/straw.db production:         adapter: sqlite         dbfile: /home/thufir/straw/db/straw.db thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ pwd /home/thufir/rubyCode/straw thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ rake db:migrate (in /home/thufir/rubyCode/straw) rake aborted! no such file to load -- sqlite

(See full trace by running task with --trace) thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $ eix dev-ruby/sqlite3-ruby [I] dev-ruby/sqlite3-ruby      Available versions: 1.1.0 ~1.2.1 {doc swig}      Installed versions: 1.1.0(21:15:58 11/28/07)(doc)      Homepage: http://rubyforge.org/projects/sqlite-ruby/      Description: An extension library to access a SQLite database from Ruby

thufir@arrakis ~/rubyCode/straw $