problem with sqlite3....

Hi all,

I am relatively new to ruby and RoR. I created a simple rails proj named foo by giving command   -> rails foo --database=sqlite3 It created a new rails proj.. So in that I created a simple db class named user by using the below command   -> ruby script/generate model user so in db/migrate I got a file named 20090421211825_create_users.rb created. and in app/models : user.rb got created. in user.rb.. i have written like this

class User < ActiveRecord::Base   validate_uniqueness :userid   validate_presence_of :username end

in 20090421211825_create_users.rb, its like this

class CreateUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration   def self.up     create_table :users do |t|       t.integer :userid       t.string :username, :limit => 32       t.timestamps     end   end

  def self.down     drop_table :users   end end

after I am done... I did rake db:migrate version=20090421211825

== CreateUsers: migrating

I got schema.rb in db/migrate specifying the CREATE statement of the USER.. now, I want to see whether my table exists in the db by just giving -> sqlite3 SQLite version 3.4.0 Enter ".help" for instructions > .tables >

I am not getting my table... I don't know whats wrong with that..Am I looking into the correct place.... Did I do correctly??

You need to tell sqlite3 which database to look at - pass the path to your database file as the first argument (eg sqlite3 db/ development.sqlite3 )


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