Can't create sqlite3 db

I'm running my rails environment in cygwin.

I have the older 1.2.6 rails.

I installed sqlite3 with their online installer (sqlite 3.5.1)

when I create a db with the command: sqlite3 test.db

I do no get a db, I just goes to the sqlite command prompt.

Am I creating the db wrong? I'm on version sqlite3 3.5.1 or is my
sqlite3 not installed correctly.

What is the optimal sqlite3 version?

It should automatically create the DB for you in your rails app.

So I do not need to manually create the db? It will autogen for
me when I set it in my yaml?

No, when you rake db:migrate



Nicolai Reuschling wrote:



where exactly are the databases saved at when you migrate?

in /db, I believe.

You are correct.

It takes a second to wrap your mind around exactly what SQLite is
doing, but I've been happy to use it for all of my development stuff
so far.

did u try creating your app like ruby <name_of_application> --database=sqlite3
also check your database.yml file in the config directory for correct adapters.



rails foo --database=sqlite3

the above command will create a rails project *and* db in one go. If it
doesn't, then there's something wrong with the setup. (The db file is,
IIRC, named foo_development.db or similar.)