Proposal to run RuboCop using GitHub Actions


I’d like to propose run RuboCop at using GitHub Actions.

As of right now, RuboCop is running using Code Climate. Here are some restrictions:

  • Need to wait for newer channel like channel: rubocop-0-74 available at Code Climate


  • rubocop-0-74 locks RuboCop Performance and RuboCop Rails versions to somewhat lower versions

  • Code Climate runs for pull requests but not for direct push push

With GitHub Actions I think we can unlock these restrictions:

  • Just updating Gemfile and Gemfile.lock to decide which RuboCop, RuboCop Performance and RuboCop Rails versions to run

  • Runs for both direct push and pull requests

I have enabled GitHub Actions to run RuboCop for Oracle enhanced adapter

and it has been working fine. Also, I have opened a PoC pull request to my forked repository , which looks good to me.

Let me know your thoughts for my proposal.


Hey Yasuo,

I’m fine with it. But I’d leave final call to Eileen who has an open PR to use GitHub actions in general.

Hi Kasper,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the late reply.

I have opened a pull request
to let GitHub Actions run RuboCop
because RuboCop 0.76.0 has been just released.

Would like to get some more feedback there.